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Stock Your Shelves with BIOLYTE

Join leading retailers, health centers and physical therapy studios that are providing medical grade hydration to their customers

Stock Your Shelves with BIOLYTE

Join leading retailers, gyms and fitness studios that are providing superior hydration to their customers

Physician Formulated
Certified Gluten-Free
NSF Certified
Physician Formulated
Certified Gluten-Free
NSF Certified

Benefits of being a BIOLYTE wholesaler

Wholesale Program

Introduce medical grade hydration to your customers and employees!

  • Free shipping on orders within the United States
  • Low order minimums
  • Complimentary point of sale marketing materials

Customer Service

The team at BIOLYTE is here to support your business!

  • Dedicated support
  • Quick turnaround times
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BIOLYTE was by a board certified Anesthesiologist and Pain Specialist with 43 years of experience with IVs and nutritional supplementation.

  • Nausea Relief
  • Immune Support
  • Liver Function


It's simple, BIOLYTE is the only medical grade electrolyte supplement with as many electrolytes as an IV bag plus natural ingredients that help the body get back in balance.

The IV in a bottle can help your patients and customers feel better faster. BIOLYTE is the perfect defense against:





Stomach Illness

"We have had a lot of sick patients over the last couple weeks. Those that test positive for a virus, we give a BIOLYTE. We have had so many positive comments about how BIOLYTE helps with energy and helps people start feeling better sooner"

-Alan, Pharmacy Owner

"We have crews that are working outside year round and there is nothing that could keep them hydrated better than BIOYLTE"

-Tiffany, Business Manager

"One patient told me, he couldn’t believe how much better he and his wife felt after just one bottle of BIOLYTE. He often returns to the store to purchase BIOLYTE by the case. Thank you for sharing this life-sustaining medical beverage!"

-Renea, Pharmacy Owner

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