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BIOLYTE bottles & ingredients

Frequently Asked Questions

Apply for a wholesale account here. Once your application is reviewed and approved, you will hear additional program details from a BIOLYTE customer success agent. You will receive an email that prompts you to activate your online account.

Wholesale opportunities are only available for licensed businesses. Wholesalers must intend to sell BIOLYTE to their customers or provide it to their employees. All wholesale accounts are vetted and approved by a dedicated customer support team.

There is an 8 case order minimum on wholesale orders.

The shelf life is roughly 18 months.

Standard shipping is free on all orders in the contiguous United States.

BIOLYTE is only distributing and selling products in the United States at this time.

The sodium count in BIOLYTE is essential in the distribution of water and other electrolytes throughout the body. Sodium Chloride is a naturally occurring mineral that when combined with sugar treats dehydration and electrolyte imbalance. The average person's kidneys are able to filter out this amount of sodium through sweat, urine, or waste- making it perfectly safe for most people to consume.

If BIOLYTE didn't have sugar, it wouldn't work effectively! BIOLYTE contains just enough sugar (10g of dextrose) to help your body move all of the electrolytes found in BIOLYTE from the small intestine to the bloodstream. It's a process called sodium-glucose cotransport. Additionally, dextrose will also help with nausea, cramps, and fatigue.

BIOLYTE's Supplement Label is available on the Ingredients page.

Calories 40 cal
Sugars 10 g
Vitamins 5
Liver Detoxifiers
Nausea Remedies
Leading Sports Drinks
Calories 140 cal
Sugars 34 g
Vitamins 0
Liver Detoxifiers
Nausea Remedies
Leading Children’s Rehydration Drink
Calories 100 cal
Sugars 25 g
Vitamins 1
Liver Detoxifiers
Nausea Remedies
Leading coconut Waters
Calories 90 cal
Sugars 11 g
Vitamins 4
Liver Detoxifiers
Nausea Remedies

Absolutely. Always consult with your physician, but BIOLYTE is a natural alternative to medicine to ease stomach inflammation and morning sickness that many soon-to-be mothers experience in their first trimester.

We recommend watering down BIOLYTE for anyone consuming our beverage under the age of 14. Consult your physician when introducing a new recovery drink to your child.

If you have these conditions, we recommend consulting with your physician before consuming BIOLYTE.

BIOLYTE is headquartered in Atlanta, GA and manufactured in the United States with ingredients hand picked from all over the world.

For all product donation inquiries please email with the details of your event including charity information, date and number of attendees.

If you are interested in joining the BIOLYTE family, check out career opportunities here.