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About Us

From IV therapy to the IV in a bottle, we've created BIOLYTE with the ultimate mission to help people feel better.

Free Shipping

As a wholesale customer, you can get free shipping on your orders by subscribing!

Full Control

Customize your subscription order frequency and order amount. You can easily skip orders or cancel your subscription at any time.

No Strings Attached

You can pick and choose which flavors you want to receive in your bundle each order

Customize Your Bundles

You can subscribe to receive 8 cases, 32 cases, or 108 cases of BIOLYTE per order. Customize your bundle on each order to make sure you have the right combination of flavors in your store!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does A Subscription Work?

With a subscription, you can have the IV in a bottle delivered at your store on a recurring basis. Not only can you choose the flavor and frequency you prefer, you will get free shipping on every order.

Can I cancel at any point?

When you sign up for a BIOLYTE subscription, you will have the ability to login to your account and make edits as needed. If your store is currently stocked with BIOLYTE, you can delay your shipment date. If you are no longer interested in getting recurring deliveries, you can cancel your subscription at any point!

What Can I Change Within My Subscription?

You have the ability to customize every aspect of your subscription. Delivery dates, frequency, flavor, and quantity can all be modified to fit your needs.

When Will My Card Be Charged?

Your card will be charged just before your order ships out. You will receive a reminder notification 3 days before your order is scheduled to be shipped.

What Do I do if i have questions about an Order?

Your card will be charged just before your order ships out.