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Biolyte May

12 years ago, I realized hydration drinks are not effective for severe dehydration. My wife was battling breast cancer and was having difficulty keeping up with her chemo treatments because she was so dehydrated. We tried everything - from sports drinks, to powders, to children’s rehydration products. Nothing worked.

My daughter, Sarah, asked me if it was possible to turn an IV bag into something you could drink. That’s when the lightbulb turned on.

With my background in IV fluid replacement, we worked for 4 years to create a product that made superior hydration convenient and affordable.

I’m humbled that Biolyte has changed the lives of so many people, and even those we did not anticipate - athletes, flu patients, new mothers, and even those who find themselves a bit overindulged. Thank you so much for your love and support. You are the reason we do what we do.

Stay Hydrated,

Dr. Luther C. Rollins III

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Dr. Rollins, “Trey”, is a practicing Anesthesiologist and Pain Specialist in Atlanta, GA. He did his undergrad at the University of Georgia then attended Emory University Medical School. He was the Head of the Board of Directors for the Anesthesiology Department at Piedmont Hospital, and now is the Medical Director and a practicing physician at Southeastern Interventional Pain Associates in Atlanta, GA. His wife, Jeannine is a 10 year cancer survivor.

Biolyte Dr Rollins
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From Our Family to Yours
Biolyte May