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Melon Is On The Shelves!

BIOLYTE is taking on 2022 with a MELON bottle in hand. After being released on February 1st, this new flavor is quickly becoming a go-to product to help relieve headache, fatigue and nausea associated with severe dehydration from cold & flu, workout & exercise, and overindulgence.

Don't believe us? See what BIOLYTE fans have to say about our newest flavor:

          1. Mary said, "This may be my favorite!!!"

          2. A BIOLYTE Athlete, Adam, stated "Tastes like a watermelon jolly rancher. Really good!"

          3. Stacey said, "My favorite drink in my favorite flavor. What could be better!"

          4. BIOLYTE Athlete, Wes, stated "I'm such a huge fan. This flavor is definitely my favorite now."

             5. A BIOLYTE employee declared "This is my new fav!"

Don't waste any time stocking up on BIOLYTE melon! You can purchase BIOLYTE at one of our retail outlets in your area. #MELON will be available on Amazon next week. 

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