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Combat Seasonal Allergies With BIOLYTE

Written By Dr. Rollins


In pollen season, we hear about the daily pollen counts on the radio and on the news. This measure calculates the number of grains of pollen per cubic meter of air. There are thousands of particles floating in the air that we are constantly breathing in!


When we inhale a normal breath, we take in a between 0.5 and 1 liter of air. When exercising or deep breathing, we may inhale up to twice that number. Many particles are filtered out and trapped in the nasal cavity and sinuses, but others are carried deep into the lungs and can stick to the walls of the lung mucosal lining. The lungs' protective mechanism to clear these particles includes coughing and a mucociliary blanket. The ciliary fibers beat rhythmically to propel this mucous blanket up and out of the lungs. If secretions are dry and thickened, this mechanism does not work as well.  


Hydration is vitally important in keeping the mucous layer loose so that it can more easily propel unwanted products out of the lungs. Similarly, liquid nasal and sinus secretions are more effective at trapping and removing the particles that bombard our nasal cavities and airways. Proper hydration involves adequate fluid and electrolytes to keep secretions more liquid and thereby more effective. 


BIOLYTE is more effective at replacing vital fluid and electrolytes than just water, soft drinks, juices, or sports drinks because it has the free water and electrolytes that one needs to stay optimally hydrated. BIOLYTE has the three most vital electrolytes: Sodium (Na), Chloride (Cl-), and Potassium (K+). BIOLYTE has more electrolytes than other existing hydration products; it is BIOLYTE’s exact balance of these electrolytes that makes the real difference in how you feel. BIOLYTE’s exact balance between these three electrolytes re-establishes homeostasis (stability) back in your body and plays a key role in keeping the body working properly to protect you during allergy season. 

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