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Breast Cancer Awareness: A Message From Jeannine Rollins


BIOLYTE was started by Dr. Rollins. His wife, Jeannine, was diagnosed with breast cancer and struggled to stay hydrated. This desire to help hydrate cancer patients is what sparked the idea for BIOLYTE. In honor of breast cancer awareness month, Jeannine is here to share her thoughts on BIOLYTE and the role it plays for individuals undergoing chemotherapy.

Message From Jeannine Rollins

“Oh, how I wish I had had BIOLYTE during my cancer journey! Even though it has been over 10 years since my treatments, I still vividly remember the mouth sores, the queasiness, the sleeplessness, the fatigue, and the struggle of  making it from day to day. 

The biggest question during that time was what could I eat or drink to keep up my strength and hydration levels so that I could receive the necessary chemotherapy treatments on schedule. I needed to stay hydrated to help the nurses and technicians have the ability to find my vein when it was time for  blood work and scans. BIOLYTE would not have alleviated all of my problems, but it certainly would have helped me feel better! During this time, I wanted to be strong and appear “OK” for both my family and friends. I believe that if I would have had BIOLYTE,  some of my symptoms would have been lessened and I would have had an easier journey. 

My oldest daughter, Sarah, approached my husband with an idea of a drinkable IV. Trey reflected on my cancer battle and wanted to help other people who were fighting cancer. Even though BIOLYTE  helps hot sweaty athletes, outdoor workmen, and those who are sick and overworked,  it was formulated for those of us battling cancer.  It has natural sugars and ginger to counteract the nausea & fatigue, electrolytes to balance the body, liver cleansing ingredients to remove toxins. In other words, it has everything a cancer patient needs to feel better! 

There is nothing that brings a brighter smile to my face and warmth to my heart as when I encounter a cancer patient who says “I drink BIOLYTE  everyday and it makes me feel better!” Or,  when I hear someone’s husband say “My wife has used BIOLYTE throughout all her cancer treatments and knows it has helped her stay strong!”

Because BIOLYTE has helped these cancer patients, as well as many others, the BIOLYTE team has been giving free cases of the product to the nutritional department of Piedmont Hospital’s Cancer Center where I received my own treatments.  The BIOLYTE team is extremely proud to announce that we have aligned with the American Cancer Society and 10% of all BIOLYTE sales in Winn-Dixie stores will be donated to this amazing charity throughout the month of October. Stop by and check out the floor stands at all Winn-Dixie stores! 

My sincerest prayers go to each person that is fighting cancer. Stay strong & may God bless you!"

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