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BIOLYTE's Holiday Gift Guide

Are you still looking for the perfect gifts for the people on your list? This holiday season, you have the opportunity to give amazing gifts to the people you love the most. Use the BIOLYTE holiday gift guide to give the gifts of health and hydration to the friends and family members on your list! See our favorite gifts below 👇🏽

1. Classpass Gift Card: Classpass is a brand that revolutionized the fitness industry by making group exercise classes and wellness experiences more accessible. Whether your friends love cycling classes or barre studios, Classpass allows members to access a wide variety of gyms and boutiques across the country! With a Classpass gift card, your loved ones can customize a wellness experience that is perfect for them.

2. Running Shoes from Fleet Feet: Fleet Feet is an athletic retail chain that has almost 200 locations worldwide! This brand is known for featuring the newest and most effective running shoes on the market. Snag a pair of high-quality running shoes from Fleet Feet for the runners in your life.

3. Sculpthouse Membership: With locations in Atlanta and Dallas, Sculpthouse offers amazing fitness classes that combine cardio and strength training. In addition, this brand sells fashionable fitness apparel.

4. S’well Water Bottle: Hydration is an important part of overall health for all individuals. Whether your family members are sipping on water, coffee, or BIOLYTE, S’well water bottles come in sleek designs and are eco-friendly.

5. Schedule a Nutrition Consultation:  No matter where your loved ones live, you can find a trusted nutritionist that is available for online or in-person consultations. For the people in your life that are passionate about nutrition and interested in optimizing their health, schedule an appointment with a local, trusted nutritionist.

6. Book a Spa Appointment:  Although the holiday season is filled with joyful festivities, it often comes along with stress and chaos. When you book a spa appointment for your friends or family members, you are allowing them to take a deep breath, relax, and get the pampering they deserve.

7. Customized Supplement Pack:  PRTCL is a lush brand that sells protein powders, supplements, and workout optimization solutions that were created based on scientific evidence and factual research. PRTCL takes time to learn about their consumers and help suggest the solutions that are right for them.

8. Send a Case of BIOLYTE: Let’s be honest, it is normal to feel tired, fatigued, and dehydrated throughout the holiday season. By keeping BIOLYTE in stock, your family and friends can experience a natural energy boost and effective hydration when they need it most.

9. Make Dinner Reservations at a Local Restaurant:  In some cases, quality time is the best gift that you can give to your loved ones! Plan a happy hour, dinner date, or vacation for your friends to show them how much you value their company. Not only does quality time help build relationships, it is beneficial for mental health!

10. Well-designed Cookbook: From cocktail recipes to vegan meal prep ideas, there are so many creative cookbooks on the market. Stay on the lookout for a well-designed cookbook that highlights healthy and creative recipes that accomodate the taste buds of the recipient! 

Thanks for taking time to read the BIOLYTE gift guide. This year, use your gift to help improve the health and hydration of the people you love the most.

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