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BIOLYTE + Chemotherapy: Medical Insight From Dr. Rollins

Chemotherapy Is Tough, BIOLYTE Can Help

Information provided by Dr. Rollins

The stage of a cancer diagnosis plays an important role in determining what the best treatment options are for a patient. The three most commonly practiced cancer treatments include surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy. Other options include targeted therapy, immunotherapy, laser, hormonal therapy, and more. Today, we are going to focus on the effects of chemotherapy and the way it works in the body. In addition, we are going to share how BIOLYTE can be of assistance in the chemotherapy treatment process. Chemotherapy is a method of treatment that is especially effective at combatting certain cancers for two reasons:

1. Chemotherapy is considered a systemic treatment because the drugs being utilized travel throughout your entire body (i.e. your entire “system”) and kill cancer cells that have spread (metastasized) to all areas of the body.

2. Cancer cells are fast growing. Chemotherapy is used to effectively kill cells that are growing quickly and spreading rapidly.

Side Effects Of Cancer

The benefits that make chemotherapy so effective are also known to cause draining side effects. Chemotherapy drugs can not tell the difference between healthy, fast-growing cells and unhealthy cancer cells. This unfortunately means that normal cells are often damaged along with cancer cells. This reality causes unwanted side effects, including:

- Dehydration

- Fatigue and anemia

- Hair loss and dry skin

- More prone to bruising, bleeding, and getting an infection

- Nausea, stomach illness, weight fluctuations, appetite shifts, bladder problems

- Nerve problems (including numbness, tingling, and pain)

- “Chemo brain” which can affect concentration, focus, and mood

Chemotherapy is a widely-used and effective treatment against cancer. However, it puts a lot of stress on your body. Whenever a patient is facing chemotherapy, it is critical that they make healthy choices so that the body can remain as strong as possible and successfully enter into the healing process.

How Can BIOLYTE Help?

BIOLYTE is one of the must-have products that can help individuals in their battle against cancer by opposing the draining side effects of chemotherapy. The “IV in a Bottle” helps combat symptoms in a variety of ways.

1. Every bottle contains several natural antiemetics that help with nausea and other stomach illnesses (common side effects of chemotherapy treatment.)

2. Contains active liver protective ingredients that would be beneficial to patients undergoing chemotherapy (this is helpful as the drugs are metabolized by the liver.)

3. Utilizes concentrated electrolytes and free hydration that will rehydrate more effectively than water, children’s rehydration products, and popular sports drinks. Dehydration is a notable side effect of chemotherapy treatments.

4. Loaded with natural vitamins and minerals that give cancer patients an energy boost without caffeine (a natural diuretic.) Cancer patients frequently experience low energy throughout the treatment process.


For those battling against cancer and undergoing chemotherapy treatments, the most important goal is to nourish the body so that it can continue to feel better and get stronger. During the treatment process, BIOLYTE is a product that can provide quality hydration to patients. 


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