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Tips For Achieving Cellular Balance With BIOLYTE

Many medical patients are actively seeking to find balance. These patients are constantly trying to determine which medications and products will help them achieve overall health and balance in their lives.

But, what about cellular balance? Why should individuals try to achieve optimal equilibrium in the foundation of our cells?

What does cellular balance mean?

Let’s take a deeper look into the benefits of cellular balance. 

How do you achieve cellular balance?

Our nervous system is an intricate grid of biological electrical wiring. A nerve creates an electrical impulse by the fluctuation of Sodium (Na+) and Potassium (K+) across a nerve cell membrane.

Na+ is our major extracellular electrolyte (ie. outside of our cells) and K+ is our major intracellular electrolyte (ie. inside of our cells).

When our body needs to send a message, Na+ and K+ work together to send the message to the right location throughout the body. For example, when you fall down and skin your knee, this signal has to travel from your knee to the brain to let you know you have been hurt.

These electrical signals or “action potentials” control all of our bodies functions, including everything from the movement of muscles to the formation of thoughts.

After the signal passes through the body, your system must pump in enough Na+ and K+ to reestablish the balance between intracellular K+ and extracellular Na+. Your cells will continue to send signals throughout the body to ensure that everything is working the way it should.

If your body does not have the correct amount of K+ and Na+, you may encounter huge problems. With this imbalance, your body’s signals can’t communicate properly and the normal operations of the body will break down.

Having correct amounts of Na+ and K+ is critical to our overall health. It helps us achieve balance. These two vital electrolytes are found in BIOLYTE and they help our bodies communicate properly.

K+ and Na+ help our bodies and minds keep functioning at peak capacity so that we can finish tough presentations, ski down mountains, and cook new recipes. These two electrolytes are the basis of who we are, what we are capable of achieving, and our functionality.

Fighting Dehydration and Toxicity In The Body

Our cells can get out of homeostasis for a variety of reasons including: dehydration, drugs, toxins, overindulgence, GI illness, change in altitude, etc.

BIOLYTE ingredients help your cells achieve “balance” due to the optimum balance of Na+ and K+. Like an IV bag, BIOLYTE matches the electrolyte percentages the human body needs to reestablish homeostasis. In addition, BIOLYTE’s other ingredients including elemental dextrose and vitamins are known to optimize the function of the nervous system without stimulants, like caffeine.



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