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7 Ways To Stay Hydrated This Fall

Throughout the summer, people are constantly wondering how to stay hydrated as the temperatures increase. However, many people don’t consider the importance of hydration during the cooler months. As the temperatures drop, people stop ensuring that they are receiving the adequate hydration their body needs to function at peak performance.

As colder weather drifts in, individuals are more likely to catch viruses and infections. Hydration helps empower your immune system so that you can fight off any unwanted infections. In addition, the indoor and outdoor air is typically drier in the winter months. This dry air can act as a dehydrator for your body and skin. When you optimize hydration throughout the winter months, your skin will likely not get as dry.

There are a few simple tricks that you can follow to ensure that your body is staying optimally hydrated all winter long.

1: Eat Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are foods that have high water content compared to others.  By eating these foods, you are increasing the amount of water that is flowing through your body! In addition, these raw foods contain vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that help you feel your best.

2: Reduce Caffeine Intake

Throughout the cold months, people are more likely to sit indoors with a cup of coffee or hot tea. Although a moderate level of caffeine is fine, excess caffeine intake can act as a dehydrator in the body. Throughout the winter months, consider limiting your intake of caffeine to 2-3 cups. After you have reached your limit, you can consume decaffeinated alternatives.

3: Use Electrolyte Supplementation

Although you may not be sweating as much in the winter months, your body continues to lose fluids through normal daily functions. Electrolytes are compounds that help your body function as it is supposed to - including muscular flexibility, energy maintenance, and balancing fluid levels. When you consume an electrolyte supplement, you can hydrate while equipping your body with the minerals needed to continue performing optimally. BIOLYTE, the IV in a bottle, is an effective hydrator that quickly improves your overall hydration. 

4: Utilize A Humidifier

A humidifier machine helps balance and regulate the moisture of the air inside your home so that your skin and body can maintain optimal moisture levels throughout the colder months

5. Use A Reusable Water Bottle

All individuals have a recommended amount of water that is suggested to drink each day. Although this water consumption seems less urgent when the temperatures are low, it is incredibly important that the body has adequate amounts of water so that it can facilitate daily functions with ease. When you keep a reusable water bottle on hand, you can monitor your daily water consumption and refill when necessary.

6. Drink More Liquids Throughout The Day

Do you get bored of drinking water all day long? There are other things that you can drink that will help you stay hydrated! Consider starting your day with a green smoothie. This green smoothie helps provide hydration and nutrients that will prepare you for success. Other options include a warm cup of hot chocolate in the afternoon, warm lemon water to end the day, or an afternoon pick-me-up such as BIOLYTE.

7. Keep a BIOLYTE On Hand

BIOLYTE is the first product on the market that has the same amount of electrolytes as an IV bag, but in drinkable form. When you keep a BIOLYTE on hand, you can hydrate more quickly and effectively than you could with water or a typical sports drink. This hydration supplement contains vitamins and minerals needed for your body to find stabilization.


By making little changes in your daily routine, you can ensure that you are staying hydrated all year round. Grab a BIOLYTE today so that you can have a hydration boost on the days that you need it most.


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