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5 Tips For Maximum Performance on the Track

Author: Trey Cunningham

Trey is a collegiate athlete at Florida State University and a fan of BIOLYTE. After years of successful racing, he has a few tips to share about how to perform at your highest potential on the track.

1. Lay the Ground Work

It is important to condition the body for competition. Starting out into high intensity training will only increase the risk of injury. Start with workouts to ease the body in and build up fitness. Increase intensity at a reasonable rate to push the body but not burn it out. Weight training is another critical component of conditioning the body. Becoming stronger helps prevent injury and helps the body get to levels it has never been before. 

2. Repetition

After a solid base has been built, start incorporating specific workouts to the event. Repetition is important to build muscle memory. This is what the body will rely on when it’s time to compete. The split second decisions or finding the flow within the competition come from the reps building up the muscle memory. 

3. Fuel Your Body

The most overlooked part of training is the fuel put into the body. This includes food and hydration. For heavy lifting days incorporate extra protein for the the building of muscle. Longer conditioning days need more carbohydrates for all of the calories burned. Hydration helps the body function, prevent injury and increases recovery. Proper hydration with BIOLYTE is the quickest way to replenish the body of important electrolytes and prepare for the next workout. 

4. Recover

Recovery is a two fold. The treatment given to the body after pushing it. This could be through foam rolling, massage or cold tubing. Consistent treatment will increase recovery and help the body do what it need to do for the next workout. Sleep is the other aspect. This is when the body repairs itself. The more sleep attained increases recovery.

5. Mindset

At this point in the process, all the physical things have been done for the competition. The remaining part is the mental aspect. Go into the event knowing everything has been done to prepare for it. Walk up to the start knowing you are who you are and going to perform at your best. That’s all you can ask of yourself.

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