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10 Testimonials That Reveal Why You Need The #IVinaBottle

Whether you are undergoing chemotherapy treatments or training for a marathon, BIOLYTE is here to help you feel your best. Throughout the summer months, people utilize the #IVinabottle to combat overheating and dehydration. During the winter months, people need to stay hydrated in order to combat illnesses and maintain optimal energy levels. No matter what the season, BIOLYTE can help with your hydration needs! Learn how 10 individuals are using BIOLYTE all year round.

1. “My son plays football. The first game of the year, he played offense, defense, and special teams on a humid night. I had him drink BIOLYTE early in the day before the game and he had no cramps that night. I am a believer.”

2. “I’m a nurse in a cardiology/electrophysiology clinic and we preach the BIOLYTE story to almost every single one of our patients, especially the ones who have autonomic dysfunction (POTS, neurocardiogenic syncope) and other issues with chronic hypotension. We are so happy a product like this is accessible to the public!”

3. “I’ve been battling exhaustion and dehydration from getting Covid and this made a real difference in how I felt.”

4. “This is an amazing product! I can definitely feel a difference overall. I was always tired until I tried BIOLYTE - now I drink one every day!”

5. "My son came home from work one day last week and was extremely dehydrated. I bought a bottle of BIOLYTE and convinced him to try it. When he finally gave in, they helped him so much! He is now taking some to work with him in his cooler and drinks some when he needs it. This stuff is literally a life saver!”

6. “I use this after a round of golf and it totally restores me! I am a BIOLYTE believer!”

7. “I endorse this amazing product for pre/post natal, all moms, and athletes! Y’all rock!”

8. “I love your drinks! I hike and workout regularly so this is a life saver “

9. “My skin always starts to dry out when the seasons change. BIOLYTE has helped my skin stay hydrated throughout all four seasons.”

10. “We love BIOLYTE in my house! My husband drinks one every day and then my kids and I drink one at the first sign of getting sick."

Stock your fridge with BIOLYTE so that you can stay hydrated and energized as the seasons change.  Effective hydration helps individuals maintain cellular balance, strengthen their immune system and perform optimally. We want to hear why you love the #IVinaBottle. Share your story and tag @drinkbiolyte on social media.

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